none/such is an independent, international, interdisciplinary, youthful & dynamic label and collective originally founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nowadays, the label operates mainly out of Berlin, Leipzig, Philadelphia, Atlanta & New York. The label began as, and will continue to forefront & curate forward-thinking projects & releases in various forms. The creative output primarily consists of pioneering underground electronic dance music, experimental music, and visual art.‍

none/such is more than a label -- it’s a diverse, open-minded, and creative group of musicians, creatives, writers, and more. As a democratic collective of artists, none/such produces cutting-edge content at the intersection of music and art that disregards current trends and instead aims to create a memorable, high-caliber output.‍




none/such is a safe space for everyone, and maintains dialogue surrounding issues that are predominant within our communities like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and a lack of diversity and inclusivity. Lastly, none/such is involved in pursuits that give back to the community that it comes from in the form of philanthropic projects. none/such plans & vows to continue to raise more funds and awareness for causes that are important to its mission in the future.