Miss Bashful x DBBD

she/her & he/him | Berlin, Germany

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Miss Bashful x DBBD is THE most interesting musical duo coming out of Berlin in recent times. Hard-hitting & insanely sexy booty grooves that are lead by Miss Bashful's vocals, paired with signature DBBD productions, are starting to become a mainstay around the block, all fused together with a playful and eclectic approach to their joint stimulating Y2K aesthetic. Known for their live performances - connecting music, dance & fashion - these two are bound to unleash collective arousal everywhere they go. Miss Bashful is a Tex-Mex Princess that's been blossoming into a fully-fledged live performer since she moved to Berlin in 2017, dripping of unhinged sexiness and raw power. As part of the Berlin Stippers Collective, she's taken inspiration through her occupation at a strip club and is applying it to her musical craft and performance. DBBD was born in Germany but grew up in California, experiencing both American and European cultural influences in his childhood, shaping his musical perspectives. After graduating in the US, he moved back to Germany to study Audio Engineering, which has allowed him to beging producing his own music in late 2021, before joining forces together with Miss Bashful for their latest project.